Invisio Law Enforcement Communication Kit

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INVISIO's new Law Enforcement Communication Kits offer stellar quality that also is fitting for Law Enforcement budgets.

Headset options include in-the-ear and over-the ear hearing protection, 20 meters submersible and lightweight patrol headsets. The provided hearing protection is industry leading and offers state of the art situational awareness.

The Control Units allow for communication on multiple talk-groups on a single radio, as well as multiple audio inputs to enable full compatibility with modern team and combat net radios.


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Invisio M3s
The submersible in-ear headset for use both in and out of the water.

The INVISIO M3s in-ear headset enables the INVISIO system to be submersible to 20 meters. This lightweight headset is ideal for use as both a dive solution under the water and for land operations where a lightweight and comfortable single sided patrol headset is required. The entire INVISIO M3s headset is encased with no openings, making it extremely robust and easy to maintain.

  • In-Ear Headset
  • 20 Meter Submersible
  • No Hearing Protection
  • Left or Right Version
  • Bone Conduction Microphone
  • 18 grams

Invisio X5
Market leading in-ear hearing protection headset with natural situational awareness.

The INVISIO X5 headset is designed exclusively for INVISIO's range of advanced control units and is fundamental to the INVISIO hearing protection system. It is a dual sided in-ear hearing protection headset with state of the art external microphones for natural hear-thru and six sizes of exchangeable foam plugs for market leading hearing protection and comfort. The INVISIO X5 is the in-ear headset of choice for future soldier programs today. The headset is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems.

  • In-Ear Headset
  • Hearing Protection (32 dB SNR/29 dB NRR)
  • Bone Conduction Microphone
  • 2 Meter Submersible
  • Dual Sided
  • 54 Grams

Invisio T5
Lightest and simplest tactical over-the-ear hearing protection headset.

The INVISIO T5 over-the-ear hearing protection headset is powered and controlled by an INVISIO control unit, making it easy to use and lightweight without the need of internal battery or buttons. With an on head weight of less than 360 grams, the INVISIO T5 significantly reduces the burden on the mounted or dismounted soldier whilst featuring industry leading situational awareness.

  • Over-the-Ear Headset
  • Hearing Protection 24 dB SNR
  • Boom Microphone
  • 1 Meter Submersible
  • Dual Sided
  • 360 Grams

Invisio V10
Lightweight and rugged control unit with a large exchangeable PTT button.

The INVISIO V10 control unit is a rugged, single com PTT designed for soldiers with one radio. The INVISIO V10 features a large exchangeable PTT button and can be oriented for left or right handed PTT. The PTT Button cover comes in two versions. A standard PTT button cover and a guard ring cover to avoid unwanted PTT keying. The INVISIO V10 is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems and combined with the INVISIO X5 headset the system provides clear communication, situational awareness and market leading hearing protection.

  • 1 Com Port
  • 1 Large PTT Button
  • 2 PTT Button Covers (Standard and Guard Ring)
  • 122 grams
  • 69 x 40 x 27 mm
  • Multiple Headsets
  • Com Auto-Sensing
  • 20 Meter Submersible

Invisio V20
Simple and lightweight control unit for soldiers with a single radio.

The INVISIO V20 control unit is designed for soldiers with a single radio with one or two talk-groups. It is the smallest and lightest control unit available and powers from the connected radio. The INVISIO V20 is very intuitive and simple to use. The control unit is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems and offers state of the art situational awareness and integration to other communication devices.

  • 1 Com Port
  • 2 PTT Buttons
  • 99 grams
  • 64 x 40 x 25 mm
  • Powers from Comms
  • Multiple Headsets
  • Com Auto-Sensing
  • 20 Meter Submersible

Invisio V50
Scalable soldier communication hub with built-in power.

The INVISIO V50 control unit is designed for soldiers and commanders that require an internal power supply and two communication devices, such as team radio, combat net radio or vehicle intercom system. The control unit can handle multiple talk-groups and can also power from any of the connected communication devices. Lightweight and small, the control unit offers state of the art situational awareness and is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems.

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